The Love of a father

I was at a conference Jan 2014. The key speaker for the morning was Charlie Robinson. After an encouraging night listening to Bobby Connor and being blessed with the opportunity to have him pray over me and my “belly” (I was 6 months pregnant at the time) I was a little emotional. Charlie prompted us to close our eyes and picture Jesus hanging the cross while kneeling at the foot of the cross. He then encouraged us to take all our burden/pain, sin and unforgiveness and imagine placing them at the foot of the cross. I was suddenly swept away and the scene became so real to me that I could almost feel the rocks cutting into my knees and legs as I knelt before the Son of God. In the midst of his suffering it seemed cruel to take all the baggage, hurt and pain I had acquired over the years of bad choices, some situations I had no control over, and self inflicted sin and cast them onto this Man who was nailed to the cross above me. The scars that weighed me down just seemed like to much to put on someone who was already beaten and battered by those who betrayed him. Tears started to flow as I thought, “why would I cast this pain onto someone else.” I wouldn’t wish this agony I felt on anyone so why would I give it to my saviour, the lover of my soul? It was then that I looked up and through the tears in my eyes I could see Jesus pained eyes look deep into my being. I heard him ask, “why, my child do you hold back? Would you not take the pain on yourself if it were any of your three children? Or the unborn baby growing inside you? Even if they had done terrible things to cause themselves to be in pain, as a mother would you not wish to take it all away from them? Would you not choose to suffer in their place so that they could gain true freedom? That is what I ask of you. Let me, as your father take the pain away. Let me, forgive you and just let me love you. The way you love your babies is nothing in comparison to the love I have for you, my child. Don’t deny me the right to be your father, your savour.” As I put my head in my hands and wept, I cried, “yes, Lord, I would take any pain/burdens on myself if it meant for my children to experience joy and freedom.” And with that I saw myself physically let go of all the sorrow. All the hurt and unforgiveness in my heart. And as I sobbed I felt his arms of peace and love wrap around me. I could feel his comforting arms lift me up like a baby and hold me close to his chest just as I had held my babies when they cried. “This my child, is what I long for. To truly love you and give you freedom from all the suffering that this fallen world has caused.” I knew then what it was like to truly cast your burdens upon the Lord. To truly know unwavering love. It was beyond my understanding. The thought of someone loving me even more then I loved the little humans I had given birth to and cared for everyday of my life as a mom. How could this be? But His love was so thick and real you could physically feel it. Coming back, I looked up and could see other eyes full of tears by the people around me. I knew it wasn’t just me that was soaking in the love, the Father, was pouring down over us. After that day I could never deny the unconditional love God has for each and everyone of us. He is just waiting to our it over you if you will just let Him. I would encourage everyone to do the same as I did. Close your eyes and kneel down. Imagine you are at the foot of the cross and allow your saviour to lift the burdens off of your shoulders. Let Him flood you with his love, joy and peace. Let Him be your father.


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