Angels Sing Among Us

The discussion of angel came up recently during a worship service I was attending. I was asked if I had even seen Angels before. The Lord brought me back to a time in high school when I was attending the Break Forth conference that was focused on worship and worship leaders. That year worship was being led by Bob Fitz and he had some sessions on leading worship through music. When I look back on it, I honestly can’t remember if I had chosen to attend the session alone or if I had a friend with me for the session. (Since there were many different sessions to choose from) all I remember is what I saw… And heard. Bob Fitz had decided, due to how few people actually showed up for the session, that we would gather around his grand piano and just spend the time singing our praises to the King. I remembered as clear as day standing with my eyes closed and arms raised along with probably 20 or so others. Our voices raised high, echoing through the big sanctuary of the church when the conference was being held. Suddenly our voices sounded so much louder. It was like a well trained choir had suddenly joined us. I remember opening my eyes and looking up. All I could see was angel after angel above us for as far as I could see. It was like the whole place was in this peaceful darkness but just around us was an angelic light that was coming from above. The Angels had made a circle around and above us. In the centre of the circle was just light, not blinding light but soft like shining down directly upon us. I truly believe the Lord had opened the heavens up right above us as the angels circled and sang along with us! It’s so hard to explain what I saw. But there was no doubt I was hearing and seeing the Angel’s amazing voices, blending in with ours. Without a doubt it was confirmation that the Lord truly does take delight in our songs or worship. And also confirmation that Angels truly do exist!


2 thoughts on “Angels Sing Among Us

  1. Wow! That’s wonderful and amazing! I did not see angels like this, but I did see a warrior angel. One night while sleeping with my husband, I woke to see an angel standing at my bedroom door. When I saw him, I sat up on my side and looked. He was standing there with his arms folded, and I could see his sword hanging from a sheath. He had great muscles and hair hanging down to his shoulders. He looked at me, but he did not say a word. I gazed at him in wonder. I’ll never forget how he stood protecting my husband and me. It is something I shall never forget.


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