Priorities, priorities, priorities

As a mom of four my life gets pretty hectic. A year ago (7 years into motherhood) I learned that it’s very important to be family based but not ONLY family based. I needed to do something for myself as well. (A mother who has he own hobbies!?!? That thought seemed to escape me for the first 7 years!). I tried many different activities. Like getting back into playing guitar, possibly some schooling, trying out roller derby, and even trying my hand at a business selling baby clothing. It seemed that everything I tried was getting in the way of my main priorities in life. God finally made it very clear to me that ALL my priorities were mixed up. I kept going from one extreme to the other. Only focusing on my kids to putting them on the side burner to try and be committed to the other things. God recently told me that priorities should be like this…
1. My relationship with God
2. marriage (it was a hard lesson for me to learn but yes my relationship with my husband needed to come before my kids… A whole nother post in itself)
3. my kids (loving, caring and raising them in Gods love)
4. and not that it’s number 4 but I learned that me as a person is also very important, not just me as a mom, me as a wife or me as a woman but me as a Child of God. If I wasn’t in good health physically, emotionally and spiritually how do I become the best mom, wife, woman for my loved ones.
After revealing all of this, God then told me to set aside all those other things I was trying to do and go back to my first passion. Naturally I am a very creative person. After a year of Bible college I continued on in a small community college, taking many writing courses. Even as a youth well before I taught myself to play bass guitar I had a love for writing. God convicted me of my time spent on meaningless ventures (that usually ended up costing us money) was time he wanted me to dedicate to researching his word, what others were teaching about it and sharing my life experiences in a blog. So slowly but surely here I am just trying to let God use my blog and my experiences to touch the life if anyone who will read! I would love to hear any comments or stories you have that parallel to what God is saying in the experiences I am sharing and please bear with me as I am new to this and am in no means anything but a busy mom of four who is putting down thoughts and experiences in this blog!


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