In that moment I saw great warriors, leaders being equipped with spiritual armour and spiritual strength. There was a huge line of people, men and women, young and old, even some as young as school age. One would walk up and kneel on a cement block in front of a great warrior king. As we knelt the Lord would place his sword of honour on each shoulder whispering different words of wisdom and assignment. Each of us received different wisdom and assignments but all for a greater, joint purpose, each just as important as the other. Each of us took a turn being “knighted” to serve in His kingdom. After being dubbed his warriors and ambassadors, it seemed that we had a softer glow to us. Our heads held higher and our step lighter. Each of us knew our worth in His eyes and had no doubt where we were to go. Any confusion or heaviness about us was lifted off as the sword gently touched our shoulders. It was only a quick minute we each spend in the presence of our Lord, but in that moment centuries of wisdom was imparted upon us.

After seeing this vision I googled what I saw and found picture after picture of knights kneeling before a king or queen. And the word Accolade really stood out to me so I looked up the exact meaning.

According to Wikipedia this is what it means…

The accolade (also known as dubbing or adoubement) was the central act in the rite of passageceremonies conferring knighthood in the Middle Ages.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] From about 1852, the term accolade was used much more generally to mean “praise” or “award” or “honor.”[8][9]
I believe award is a good word for what I was seeing. We were receiving our divine destiny. Our divine purpose and it wasn’t like a job assignment it was more like an award being bestowed upon us by God himself. I believe He is calling each of us to seek out our ministry. It is time for us to rise up and take our place in our divine purpose. For some it maybe raising up your children with wisdom and knowledge of the Lord, for others it maybe ministering and healing on the streets or speaking to filled coliseum. Each and every assignment from heaven is just as important as the other.
In this Vision. I believe He was taking just the average person and equipping them with the things they need to do ABOVE average things. The normal everyday person to do unique and unnatural things. Because God seems to take joy in taking nobodies and turning them into somebodies.
Moses was a prime example of this. Did you know that Moses had a speech impediment? (This speaks volumes to me, as my son has a speech delay.). Understandably this could be why Moses was so reluctant to deliver Gods message to those who he was lead to speak to. Exodus 4:1-17 shows us just how reluctant he was. How he felt not good enough or unable to get the point God was calling him to make. When I look at this scripture, I couldn’t quite imagine arguing with God, who has taken the form of a burning bush…  But at times I know I have been just as reluctant to follow through with something God was calling me to do.  In a sense, though it seems I was arguing with myself and doubting myself or doubting God’s voice I truly was arguing with God just as Moses did all thoughts years ago.  Even though Moses came up with excuse after excuse and even tried to compromise with God by saying that Aaron should come and act as his mouth because Moses doubted his ability to deliver the exact words, God would not back off and take anything but what He had planned.  God never gave up on Moses, even when Moses wanted to give up on Moses.  Just as Moses was reluctant, God was persistent. This shows how God knows each of us and has designed each of us in just the right way to follow through with our calling, speech impediment or not. He has (or will) equip us with just what we need to carry out what He has ordained us to do.


2 thoughts on “Accolade

  1. This is amazing! So amazing that I am speechless and blessed! Thank you for these words! If God called and equipped Moses, surely he can use me for great things. Thank you so much, and may the Lord continue to use you in your ministry of writing!


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