Join with me!

30/30challenge I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought it was a good idea!  I have tried many devotions over the years and tried many times to set a specific time aside to focus on studying the Bible.  I find with devotions I usually loose interest after the first week or so and at times I find myself just focusing on what it says and trying to just read it to get it done.  Lately I have been just praying or else God will just hit me with a verse or thought.  I used to always rely on others by taking these thoughts or verses to them. My mentors usually had something awesome to say and God really does speak through them but when “life” gets in the way and they aren’t around I was kinda left floundering trying to figure out what God was trying to say.  The best thing I started to do was look up words, verses or thoughts in the scriptures which lead me to other verses and other thoughts and so on.  I realized after all this time all I needed was to go directly to His word through prayer (and sometimes good old Google to find specific verses from just a word). This has lead to are hunger.  It’s like the more I am learning the more I want.  Anyways.  I decided to take this challenge.  30 minutes for 30 days of rally focusing on the bible and what it has to say.  I think I will start with my favourite chapter 2 Corinthians.  It’s not to late for you to sign up for the challenge and let the Bible fuel that hunger that will drive you to know more and more about His character, love, promises, and the greatest love story ever told! (Jesus).  I think starting with this challenge will lead us to something that will go on well over the 30 days.


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