Defeated but not down


Today’s post is totally differs then my usual, but this situation is far from usual!  In my province (I am a proud Canadian by the way!)  there is a massive forest fire, along with a few smaller ones.  Due to a VERY dry, warm winter and not much rain this spring with the unusually hot weather a massive wildfire started near one of our northern towns, Fort McMurray.  It has spread to the town, causing 80,000 people evacuated.  Luckily not one was seriously injured.  The town on the other had has had devastating structural losses.  Please, watch the video below and pray hard for this town and these people!  My heart goes out to them!





in the midst of all that was happening my 8 year old daughter came up with the great idea to have a lemonade stand to raise money to donate to the Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray.


It was a very hot day today and my kids and their friends braved the sun, heat, wasps (ahhhhh! Yes wasps, which my daughter is deathly afraid of!) and gave out lemonade to anyone who donated!  They were at it for four hours, ending shortly after my daughter got stung by a wasp.  They raised a whopping $261 to donate to the Red Cross!  For a very small town that is pretty amazing!



About halfway way though our time doing this, we had a couple stop, close to tears!  They were in town seeking shelter with extended family after being evacuated themselves from the fire ridden town.  He was so moved by the children wanting to do something to help!  It made it even more real to talk to one of the people that we were doing it for!  This was definitely one proud mother moment!  So proud of my three kiddos!

UPDATE: Due to posts on Facebook we still have people contacting us to donate to the kid’s cause!   This has been an amazing experience for my kids to know they can make a difference for those in need!






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