A not so simple prayer

A not so simple prayer…

I feel the pressure all around me…
I start to get beaten down by the every day…
I make mistakes, the bitter starts to seep in…
But You are there holding your hand out to me.
Breakthrough feels so close but it seems so tough to get through.
Like trudging through the heavy snow.
It feels like the weight of my sin pulling me back.
Making me tired, ready to give up, I am reminded of the promises
We are in the verge of something so big, so new
The darkness creeps over but it only takes a spark to start a fire
I am reaching for that spark, clinging to your promises…
Your light chases the darkness away
For where light shines, darkness u can no longer remain.
This is a promise You’ve made
How long must we battle?

I see thick darkness that has started to crack.
Like the river that was frozen over, after a long harsh winter…
The light starts to shine through the cracks
I hear the cracks that make way to booms
As the river starts to flow.

Now I see lava that has started to harden.
But the red hot glowing lava is still breaking through the hard crust trying to overcome the glow.
Suddenly an intense heat blows over causing the hard crust to turn to dust and ash
The ash swirls in the wind fighting to stay but the wind is just to strong
It blows every last bit away as the glowing heat intensifies and slowly starts to move.

We are on the brink of something new.
Let that crack resound through the valley
Let it echo over the mountains
Let the flood gates open
And rush over me!
Forgiveness and freedom are there for the needy
Shrug the heaviness off your shoulders
And sing out to the Lord
Today is our day!
Today is the start of our victory
For Jesus has had the victory all along
Let’s join forces and take His hand
Flags raised high in victory!
Jesus has the victory!
We have the victory!
Breakthrough is here!


3 thoughts on “A not so simple prayer

  1. Hey friend! Thank you so much for sharing my quote art image! So glad you liked it❤️ and wow what a powerful post-you’re so right-Jesus DOES have it. What a comforting thought that is. Sending you big hugs, love and prayers ❤️❤️❤️


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