I recently had the opportunity to gather with new people for an extended time of worship. The atmosphere was so thick with the healing grace of the Holy Spirit it was like the burdens of the everyday just floated away as I entered the room.
When we started to worship we were welcomed to gather at the front. To my left there was a gathering of people painting and it was amazing to see their creations take form. As I found myself in a deep place of worship with my eyes closed I felt the urge to hold my hands out, cupped together as if I was waiting for someone to pour something into my hands. I just prayed for more, more grace, more love, more of God. I could feel the spirit ministering to all those around me. When I opened my eyes I realized that the painting nearest to me had taking the form of two hands cupped together just as I had my hands. There was a bright sparkling water pouring down from the top of the painting into the painted hands. The vision that had filled my mind was right there in front of me in the form of a painting! The painter who made it must of had the same vision I had! When we took a break in the service I approached the lady who had painted it. She told me she just felt God was saying how he has unending love and grace that he wants to pour down to those with out stretched hands, asking for more of him. I told her about what I had experienced and it brought confirmation to her Vision as well as mine.
Isn’t it great the way God works though our talents?!?! How he uses them to speak to others and uses our passions as ways to express His love to His people?


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