Rebel at Heart

Maybe I am just a rebel at heart but I always had a hard time “conforming” to the crowd around me. I had a hard time relying or putting much “stock” in leaders or authority figures. I was a strong willed teen to tried to go against the flow in whatever situation I was in if it even went against what I stood for or believed I let everyone know that I didn’t agree. Time and again I found myself judged by this and at times seen as someone leading overs “astray”. I learned people really liked to judge a book by its cover and judge me by my looks or by my outspoken nature and not by what was really in my heart or by my true motives. I found myself most of the time judged and tried before I even opened my mouth. Yes at times people couldn’t look beyond the short, spiky hair or the skateboard I carried to see what I really stood for. Yes at times I think my rebellious nature overshadowed my true intentions. Most people didn’t give what u had to say time to sink in without coming to their own conclusions but I knew that those who truly knew what was in my heart would be pleasantly surprised at where I stood by ground. That I stood on the Rock. That my feet were planted in my personal relationship with Christ. No I would not confirm to what the “church” thought a believe should look like. No I would not act and talk a certain way. Maybe in a way it was to prove that God really loves each of us the same no matter how we looked or dressed. No matter what kind of music we listened to. God loves u the same. He is the only one who can truly see to the heart and truly know our motives. He knows those who are “clean” on the outside but dirty on the inside. He knows more then we will ever know of even ourselves and he still loves us the same.


One thought on “Rebel at Heart

  1. Isn’t that the truth. We humans are so quick to judge by outward appearance. We love to stereotype people without getting to know them. I guess we think that is much easier and less time consuming rather than spend time with someone. Jesus loves all of us, no matter what our outward appearance, no matter what our personalities or beliefs. Each of us was created in the likeness of God and each of us deserve to be given time to be known. If we could get past the labels and appearances and realize we are all human beings who are loved by God and have something to offer I think this world would be a better place.


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