Tomorrow is my 8 year old daughter’s baptism.  Here are my words of encouragement.

When I was a teenager I was always worried I would never have the chance. I remember praying once when I was brushing my teeth, saying that if its true and you wanted to bless us with the desires of our heart. I said that the only thing I really really desired was to have children of my own.

When I looked up in the mirror God gave me a vision, a promise, of my daughter. I distinctly remember exactly what she looked like then. She looked like she was about 20. She looked a lot like me but was darker then me. But she had my bright blue eyes. There is no denying that girl was you!

I remember I had told a few of my closest friends what had happened and the night u were born I got two messages on my phone both saying how I got my girl from my promise from all those years ago.

God gave me the gift of you! Don’t ever forget you are a gift from God and he had you planned out from way before you were ever here. He has great plans for you little one.
You have wisdom beyond your years. You have already lead both evy and rundle through a salvation prayer and when u told me it was easy I only wished it was that easy for me to lead others to Christ like u do.
You are the one to push us all to go to church on Sunday’s, even when I am running on 4 hours of sleep you don’t let me use the excuse of being to tired come.
Your desire to worship through song and dance is inspiring.
Dance like no ones watching, well dance like god is watching! He gave u that gift and is delighted in your worship so don’t ever stop.image





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