A broken leg and a new job, but not in the order…

I recently had the opportunity to start writing for my local newspaper. After three months of working more then full time as a journalist I found myself in a place where I was spread so thin I was just not doing well in any area of my life. I was missing deadlines, I sucked at being a mom because I was never there and when I was I was just to tire to mother, I was even worse at being a wife and I had put my commitments to the youth in my church to the side. Not to mention my house was a disaster zone like something out of a war movie.
When struggling with these thoughts, low on sleep and frustrated with my children who went from decent mini humans to little hellions, I had enough. I put my whole situation in Gods hands. I wasn’t sure if I was just to tired to hear what God was saying to me about whether I should even keep my job or let it go, or if He was just not giving me an answer yet. I just knew something had to change. So I set up a meeting with my bosses and was fully prepared to quit. God paved a way to have me continue writing for the paper but with fewer hours that allowed me to still be the mom I wanted to be and go back to some of the ministries God had brought me into help with.
Funny thing is within a week of my new schedule I ended up having a bad fall and breaking my leg and spraining my other ankle. I literally spent the first three weeks sitting in my lazy boy recliner with my leg up, on pain killers. After the pain wore down, I was frustrated wondering why I was stuck doing nothing after I finally had some kind of a routine that was working for me and my family. Now it’s been almost 6 weeks since I broke my leg and I still don’t know what the point of me breaking my leg was but I do know I needed to slow down and needed to rest. I guess, maybe, God just wanted to get my attention.


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