Expressions of Heaven

As a mom of four my life gets pretty hectic.  A year ago (7 years into motherhood) I learned that it’s very important to be family based but not ONLY family based.  I needed to do something for myself as well.  (A mother who has her own hobbies!?!?!? That thought seemed to escape me for the first 7 years!). I tried many different activities.  Like getting back into playing guitar, possibly some schooling, trying out roller derby, and even trying my hand at a business selling baby clothing.  It seemed that everything I tried was getting in the way of my main priorities in life.  It finally became very clear to me that ALL my priorities were mixed up. I kept going from one extreme to the other.  Only focusing on my kids to putting my kids on the side burner so I could fully commit myself to one if my many ventures. With things slowing down at my husband’s work, and my mom recently moving to town, I am now in the position to finally have some time to dedicate to something other than motherhood. During that time I have been lead to set aside all those other things I was trying to do and go back to my first passion.  Naturally I am a very creative person.  After a year of Bible college I continued on in a small community college, taking many writing courses.  Even as a youth I had a love for writing.  Combining my passion for photography and writing, I started this blog with a collection of my photos.

Cheers and enjoy.




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