morning musings: a mother’s struggle


Well, here I am, heading back into the newspaper office. After 6 weeks being out with a broken leg, I am actually excited to have sent the kids back to school (first day back after Christmas holidays) and heading back into work. I realize just how hard being a stay at home mom was for all those years.

Now with working, even part time, yes it is very busy but busy in a different way then being a stay at home mom.

Being a stay at home mom I was busy chasing after kids, changing diapers, making snacks, picking up after four kids (like shovelling snow when it’s still snowing) now I am busy getting kids ready for school, getting baby ready for dayhome, and getting myself ready for work. Now there’s really not much chasing children but chasing the story. It’s a whole new world getting back into the role of working. But still my time is dictated by working for the editor instead of the little minions who like like me.

When the opportunity came up to go back to work it was much sooner then I had anticipated. My husband and I had always pictured me staying home until all of the kids were in school full time. At this point 3 out of 4 are in school. It was a tough decision but the more I prayed about it I kept hearing “for such a time as this…” then when I would look to my close friends they would only confirm the same. One even went as far as to say “you were made for such a time as this.” Now as I struggle to get going, knowing I have a very long day of work ahead, I am reminded of this.


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