Well one of the scariest things happened tonight… my 8 year old son tried to pull a sentsy plug in out of the wall and got wax all in his eyes. At first I thought it was just on the outside of his eye lids but when I cleaned them off and pulled his eye lids open he literally had wax coating his eye balls. My 9 year old daughter called 911 and they told me how to flush his eyes but I was doing it already. With My daughters help I got all the wax off and he said his eyes didn’t hurt and he could see fine. Luckily those don’t get hot enough to burn. My 5 year old son just kept crying that it was so scary. Anyways it was pretty scary but soooo thankful it wasn’t worse. I don’t know how he could be completely fine within 5 minutes of me peeling that wax off his eyeballs… I can only thank God when I have visions of it ending so much worse then it did.

for those of you that don’t know what a sentsy plug in is… it’s kind of like a nightlight that uses a bulb to heat wax (similar to candle wax) to melt and give off a nice smell. They are family friendly and the wax never gets hot enough to burn someone.


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