The Why


Ember ~
A remaining small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire.
A glowing fragment from a fire.

Hope ~
A feeling of trust.

it only takes a spark from an ember to get a fire burning.  We are those embers, the Sparks, the remnant of hope.
Once a mommy blogger, I felt the desire to start a faith based blog. Whether to be able to just look back on things God was teaching me, experiences I was blessed with or hard lessons learned or to share these with friends and family, I felt it important to put it into a blog. It may not always just be friends and family who read this but I know God will lead those who needs to hear and learn along side me as I share these experiences in my new blog. I only hope God will speak to you, throw my words and stories I tell.
Cheers and happy reading!


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